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We all need help!

On this page, we will have things that could help you with your daily life.

It is really easy to drift along and not make good plans.

We hope you find this helpful and good food for thought.

Pop Up

So.. every so often, we invite anyone who wants to come to a clothes swap. It is not like direct swapping, it is a bring or take as much as you want kind of swap. Most people have good stuff they don’t wear in their house. Bring it on down and see what others have brought there! Watch this space for the next one.

Let all these clothes have new homes.


Jesus said “Freely you have received; freely give.”

If you have fantastic recipes that are inexpensive, yet delicious.. please send them to us through our contact page and we will share them here.

Courses We Can Run For You


CAP Money  (If you haven’t checked out the video above… push play) is a great free course to help you sort out your finances. the founder of this course was horribly in debt himself  years ago, and managed to crawl out of the agonisingly difficult place he was in. He knows the stress and debilitating reality of living with debt. he and his team have developed a simple plan, with easy steps to help you stay stay in control of your money.

The course will be starting soon, and the time and date will be decided by the needs and availability of the participants.

Thinking of coming? Invite your mates to come with you and see if this could help you do better with money.

Contact us through our Contact page to get some more info.

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